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                    Copilot Dashboard copy-icon

                    After you create your Copilot account, you’ll be taken to the Copilot Dashboard ( The Copilot Dashboard is the space for your team. Here you can do things like:

                    • Create clients and invite them. 

                    • Interact with clients via apps; for example by sending a message with the Messages App or creating an invoice with the Billing App. 

                    • Customize your portal by uploading your brand assets, setting your color scheme, and more. 

                    The Copilot Dashboard is only available to internal users (i.e. you and your team members) and is not accessible by clients (i.e. the customers you serve). 

                    Portal copy-icon

                    Your portal is distinct from the Copilot Dashboard and only accessible to clients. When a client logs in they will only see content that is shared with them. For example, if as an internal user you message client user John Doe, if John Doe logs in he will only see messages sent to him.

                    By default, the URL of your portal will look like {companyName} By connecting a custom domain you can update the domain so that it is the same as your website. For example, if you own {companyName}.com, you may set up portal.{companyName}.com.

                    You can quickly navigate from the Copilot Dashboard to your portal by clicking on Portal in the bottom of your sidebar. Note that to log in to your portal, you need to first have a client account.

                    Clients and companies copy-icon

                    Clients represent the individuals that your business serves. For example, if you’re a marketing agency, a client is someone that pays you for marketing services. 

                    If you’ve enabled companies, you can use them to group multiple clients together. For example, if John and Jane both work at Rocket Rides, you can assign them both to the Rocket Rides company. Companies can be used to take actions at the company-level. For example, you can send a message or send an invoice to a company, letting all clients associated with the company see the relevant information.

                    Apps copy-icon

                    You can use just a single app, like the Billing App, if you just want to streamline payments. Alternatively you can set up multiple apps to more deeply streamline your business and client experience. To see which apps are enabled in your portal, configure them, or add new ones, navigate to the App Setup page on your sidebar. 

                    Apps are divided into Client Apps and Internal Apps. The distinction is that Client Apps are visible to your clients while Internal Apps are not.