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10 best productized service software to scale your agency

Feb 09, 2024
  • 12 min read
  • Omid G

    One thing they don’t tell you when you go out to be an agency owner or freelancer is how important authority and responsibility are.

    If you’re not careful, clients can push you around and scope creep can become a real issue. On top of that, as you scale your client acquisition efforts, workflows will inevitably start to break.

    This is where the use of productized service software comes into play. These platforms empower you to package your expertise into products your ideal clients can easily purchase and access. It makes your service business feel more like a SaaS (Software as a Service) product for your clients — giving you more predictability with your cash flow.

    No more chasing people for quotes or payments. No more scope creep. No more scrambling when a new customer signs up. The software automates repeatable processes and takes care of the heavy lifting so you can easily focus on service delivery.

    In this guide, I’ll show you the top 10 products on the market right now that help agencies productize their services successfully.

    What is productized service software?

    A productized service software is a platform that allows you to package your services into product offerings that you can sell at a fixed price.

    For example, a social media manager could offer a $500 "Social Media Audit" product that includes an analytics review, competitor research, channel suggestions, and a strategic roadmap. Or a graphic designer might sell a $150 "Basic Branding Package" with logo, typography, and color palette.

    Productized services come in several forms:

    • Foot-in-the-Door (FITD) offers: Free or ultra-low-cost products to entice new client sign-ups
    • One-time purchases: Products clients can buy individually as needed
    • Monthly subscriptions: Ongoing access to your services billed regularly

    The benefits span far and wide — from better cash flow and higher profits to less admin and more creativity. If you want the full rundown, check out our dedicated guide on how to productize a service.

    For now, let's explore what capabilities you need from productized service software.

    What to look for in productized service software

    To know what platform works best for your use cases, you need to start by fleshing out your agency's productized software "must haves" and "nice to haves." Let’s go over some features you should look for in a productized service platform.

    Product checkouts

    At its core, the software should enable customers to purchase your products easily. That transaction starts with an order form detailing your packages and accepting payment.

    The best platforms make checkout seamless with integrated payments. That means clients can quickly pay via credit card without leaving the platform or entering info elsewhere. Their order confirmation arrives immediately, and fulfillment can begin ASAP. No fuss, no delays.

    Client Portals

    Onboarding new customers is easier when everything they need is housed in one place. A centralized client portal should include the following:

    • Order history & status updates
    • Messaging system
    • File sharing capabilities
    • Feedback options
    • Help documentation

    This allows your team to manage new and existing customer relationships, projects, and communications all via the portal. You can also give clients self-service access to relevant materials or support channels.


    Email tags for simple questions kill momentum on both ends. Integrated messaging keeps all communications centralized for your team and clients. Conversations happen quicker since everyone knows where to check for the latest updates. Plus, there's no need to rehash the context that lives in previous messages.

    Over time, your agency saves hours formerly wasted on redundant back and forths. And customers feel more assured knowing queries get quick responses in-platform.


    Consistent branding builds authority and recognition. From your agency's landing page, logo, fonts, colors, and messaging, customers should experience your brand aligned across touch points.

    Make sure the software you pick allows you to white-label things. Meaning, you can showcase branding that matches your website and other materials. Customers will trust you more when everything coordinates throughout their buyer journey.


    Some agencies require contracts to protect both parties as services get rendered. Integrating contract creation, e-signatures, and management into your platform keeps everything neat and organized in one place.

    Custom package configurations can auto-populate contract templates that clients then review and sign. Admins also have an eagle-eye dashboard view of all active contracts and statuses.


    Here's where the rubber meets the road. Productized software ranges from free platforms to custom enterprise solutions. And these can cost hundreds per month.

    Assess your budget and specific feature needs to narrow down the options. Free tools won't offer the same capabilities as paid plans. But even basic branded sites with order forms and messaging can work for early-stage agencies.

    Ease of use

    Complicated platforms add more work, not less. Seek service software with intuitive interfaces that make every action simple. From creating new products to managing messaging and more, you and your team won't use it if it's a hassle.

    The goal is to hit the ground running as fast as possible. There's no denying that a productized service is the way to go for many business models. And specialized software is the best help you can get. Now, let’s go over some platforms you can use.

    Before we dive into our list, I want to encourage you to check out some examples of productized services. I made a list of some agencies I believe doing it right, so you can learn from them. Alright, let’s get into the list!

    10 best productized service software in 2024

    Here are our top picks for the best productized service software:

    1. Copilot
    2. Service Provider Pro
    3. Moxo
    4. Breeew
    5. HoneyBook
    6. Bonsai
    7. ManyRequests
    8. Zendo
    9. SuiteDash
    10. Dubsado

    Alright, let’s take a deeper look at each platform.

    1. Copilot

    Copilot for productized services

    More than a productized service software, Copilot is the modern client portal for service businesses and startups. With Copilot, you can give clients a one-stop-shop experience with a client portal that streamlines messaging, file-sharing, custom app access, and more.

    Thousands of service businesses choose Copilot to streamline their business and client experience. Tech-enabled service businesses of all types run on Copilot to provide clients with a branded, unified experience on web and mobile.

    Copilot also simplifies delivering professional services at scale by automating repetitive tasks. Client onboarding workflows provide guided self-service account activation with customized welcome messaging and data collection.

    Next, the billing engine supports subscription setup in minutes. Configure automated recurring charges or per-invoice notifications with full control over billing cycles, proration, and more. Finally, Copilot comes with eSignatures and help desks out of the box.

    Copilot notable features

    Here are a few notable features Copilot comes with out of the box:

    • Automated client onboarding
    • Subscription payments
    • Messaging
    • Billing
    • File sharing
    • Forms
    • Helpdesk
    • Automation

    Copilot pricing

    Copilot has three pricing tiers:

    • The starter plan is $29/month per user. Includes up to 50 clients and 50GB of storage.
    • The professional plan is $69/month per user. Includes up to 500 clients and 500GB storage.
    • The advanced plan is $119/month per user. Includes up to 5,000 clients and 5TB storage.

    Copilot reviews

    Check out reviews from real users of Copilot:

    • G2: 4.8/5 stars (from +125 reviews)
    • Capterra: 4.9/5 stars (from +19 reviews)

    2. Service Provider Pro

    Service Provider Pro

    Service Provider Pro, also known as SPP, is an all-in-one client portal and agency management platform designed to help service agencies scale smoothly. It combines billing, project management, CRM, and other tools into one system to reduce complexity.

    The customizable client portal gives agencies a professional brand presence. It allows clients self-service options like managing subscriptions and requests. Intake forms also simplify capturing project details post-purchase.

    For the agency team, SPP centralizes client communications for improved organization. Built-in analytics provide insight into team performance. As well as ecommerce tracking for data-driven decisions.

    SPP notable features

    • Client portal
    • Services catalog
    • Subscriptions & requests
    • Intake forms
    • CRM
    • Email integration
    • Analytics

    SPP pricing

    The basic plan is $99/month for small shops. Pro plan is $249/month for established agencies. Plus, custom pricing is available for high-volume agencies.

    SPP reviews

    • G2: 4.6/5 stars (from +6 reviews)
    • Capterra: 4.9/5 stars (from +10 reviews)

    3. Moxo

    Moxo for productized agencies

    Moxo provides organizations with an integrated platform to streamline collaboration with clients, vendors, and partners. It creates secure digital workspaces where teams can centralize communication, file sharing, task management, and more to keep external projects running smoothly.

    For account management, Moxo enables users to build interactive client profiles. These act as shareable command centers to strengthen relationships over time. Workflows can also automate steps like approvals or eSignatures.

    The client portal delivers a branded, professional way for customers to interact. It provides a private environment to exchange documents, send messages, initiate video calls, and keep clients engaged.

    Moxo notable features

    • External partner workspaces
    • Client account management
    • Automated document collection
    • Custom client portal

    Moxo pricing

    Moxo pricing is not listed publicly. It offers Starter, Business, and Enterprise tiers. Contact them for custom quotes.

    Moxo reviews

    • G2: 4.5/5 stars (from +126 reviews)
    • Capterra: 4.1/5 stars (from +16 reviews)

    4. Breeew

    Breeew for productized services

    Breeew offers another quick way for businesses to launch subscription-based service offerings. Best of all — Breeew is free until your firm scores its first subscriber!

    Once up and running, the software centralizes interactions to help focus on delivery versus admin hassles. Features like comments for better context, client management portals, and document sharing aim to facilitate great service.

    Breeew also offers white-label customization to align with your brand. Extend the experience to your own website for a seamless subscriber experience.

    Breeew notable features

    • Subscription and payment management
    • Client portal and public pages
    • Task tracking
    • Document sharing
    • Custom branding and domains

    Breeew pricing

    Breeew is free until you score the first subscriber. Paid plans then start at $49 monthly and include two team members. A more comprehensive Agency package with more team members and dedicated support is available upon request. Yearly plans get two months free.

    Breeew reviews

    No external reviews are available yet based on Breeew's early traction. Interested parties can sign up and evaluate the platform completely risk-free.

    5. HoneyBook

    HoneyBook for productized services

    Trusted by 100,000+ independent businesses, HoneyBook is the all-in-one client-flow platform for those who do it all. With $8B+ earned by HoneyBook members, 90% of invoices paid on time or early, and 95% feeling more organized with the software, it helps you showcase your services and impress clients.

    Productize consultations with reusable questionnaires to onboard ideal clients. Scale through customizable packages with clear pricing and deliverables. Automate repetitive tasks like follow-ups and reminders to focus on delivery.

    The software centralizes client interactions for consistency across projects. Templates, reminders, and integrations keep operations running smoothly as you grow. Plus, it delivers exceptional experiences powered by the brand-new HoneyBook AI.

    The AI Image Studio helps design beautiful branded collateral and visuals to use across service packages and portals. This provides a consistent, professional brand experience.

    HoneyBook notable features

    • Custom branded templates
    • Intelligent questionnaires
    • Contract building
    • Scheduling Automation
    • Invoicing & payments
    • AI composer & image creator
    • Financial reporting

    HoneyBook pricing

    HoneyBook pricing starts at $8 per month, billed yearly for the Starter plan, and scales up to $33 for the Premium plan with more features and support. It goes up from there with custom Enterprise pricing. All plans offer a 7-day free trial and 60-day money-back guarantee.

    HoneyBook reviews

    • G2: 4.5/5 stars (from +158 reviews)
    • Capterra: 4.8/5 stars (from +598 reviews)

    6. Bonsai

    Bonsai for agencies

    Bonsai aims to be your one-stop business toolbox — no more juggling spreadsheets or information scattered across multiple apps. Their software consolidates project management, proposals, invoicing, client CRM, and everything in between.

    The goal is to help freelancers and agencies streamline workflows for sanity. Create professional-looking proposals right from the structured templates and send them for e-approval. Bundle customizable service packages that clients can select with just a click.

    You can also require deposits upfront to secure the business before work begins.

    As you take on more clients, keep organized with centralized case management and built-in time-tracking tools. Stay on top of billing and expenses while keeping communication open with an integrated client portal for sharing files and messaging.

    Bonsai notable features

    • Client CRM
    • Case management
    • Billing & time tracking
    • Client portal
    • Scheduling
    • Finance tracking

    Bonsai pricing

    Paying yearly gets two months free. The starter plan is $21/month. A professional plan with more features is $32/month. The business plan for agencies is $66/month.

    Bonsai reviews

    • G2: 4.2/5 stars (from +66 reviews)
    • Capterra: 4.7/5 stars (from +69 reviews)

    7. ManyRequests


    ManyRequests helps agencies turn their services into sellable products. It lets you create online order forms to sell offerings à la carte or in bundles. Clients can buy one-time gigs or sign up for subscriptions with recurring billing.

    The software centralizes requests from your new sales. Assign work to staff, collaborate via in-app messaging, and track timelines. Client portals, invoices, and project views keep everything organized as you scale up.

    Essentially, ManyRequests streamlines selling and delivering services by packaging them into products. Onboard clients quicker, reduce admin hassle, and gain insights from integrated data tools.

    ManyRequests notable features

    • Checkout forms & payments
    • Invoicing
    • Client portals
    • Project management
    • Task automation
    • Reporting

    ManyRequests pricing

    Plans range from $99/month to $399/month with a free 14-day trial.

    ManyRequests reviews

    There are no reviews from third-party review sites at the time of writing this article. But, ClientVenue did a review of their features and pricing that you can check out here.

    8. Zendo

    Zendo for productized services

    Zendo lets agencies codify and sell services regardless of the business model. Subscription plans for recurring revenue? Covered. Predefined packages? Yes. Custom one-off gigs? Those too.

    The software centralizes and automates administrative tasks so you can focus on delivery. Build order forms to capture project details upfront. Set up automatic quotes, invoices, and payment reminders triggered by status changes.

    Onboarding flows introduce clients to your polished processes powered by Zendo. White-label customizations like matching domains, logos, and emails lend a branded, professional feel.

    Zendo provides the frameworks for service productization while tailoring the client experience. Standardize sales, project management, and billing workflows.

    Zendo notable features

    • Subscription management
    • Packaged offerings
    • Order forms
    • Document automation
    • Client portals
    • White labeling

    Zendo pricing

    Plans start free and scale up to $99/month for established agencies. The PRO plan at $25/month is the most popular.

    Zendo reviews

    • G2: 4.9/5 stars (from +10 reviews)
    • Capterra: 5/5 stars (from 1 review)

    9. SuiteDash

    SuiteDash for productized services

    SuiteDash consolidates the array of tools agencies rely on into a single robust platform. Their dashboard unifies client management, project collaboration, billing, scheduling, and then some.

    Build automated funnels to capture new business with compliant intake forms, then easily onboard clients into slick portals. Custom spaces facilitate transparency through shared files, calendars, and chat.

    For service delivery, lever features like recurring invoices, adjustable subscriptions, and intuitive milestones to keep projects on track. Drip campaigns and bulk email marketing help nurture customers.

    SuiteDash notable features

    • Client portals
    • Billing & invoicing
    • Automation
    • CRM & reporting
    • Project views
    • Calendars & chat
    • Custom forms
    • White labeling

    SuiteDash pricing

    Plans start at $19/month but include unlimited CRM contacts, staff/users, and portals. The $49/month option includes features like drip marketing and increased storage. Finally, established companies can pay $99/month for the Pinnacle plan.

    SuiteDash reviews

    • G2: 4.8/5 stars (from +528 reviews)
    • Capterra: 4.9/5 stars (from +534 reviews)

    10. Dubsado

    Dubsado for agencies

    Dubsado aims to automate client interactions across the entire service cycle — from lead capture to project delivery and beyond. Their templates convert interested visitors into packaged service sales within branded flows.

    Embed intuitive lead gen forms on your website to start sales conversations. Send polished proposals to showcase offerings, then close deals with integrated contracts and payments, onboard smoothly by collecting details upfront via customizable questionnaires.

    For delivering contracted work, Dubsado centralizes project views, scheduling, and communication in client portals. Thanks to automation coupled with transparent portals, you can scale your agency without losing the personal touch.

    Dubsado notable features

    • Lead capture forms
    • Proposals & payments
    • Questionnaires
    • Client portals
    • Scheduling
    • Invoicing
    • Workflows & Automation

    Dubsado pricing

    Pricing starts with an entry plan at $200/year. A Premier plan with more capabilities doubles that at $400/year.

    Dubsado reviews

    • G2: 4.3/5 stars (from +69 reviews)
    • Capterra: 4.3/5 stars (from +49 reviews)

    Run your productized service business on Copilot

    Copilot automations for agencies

    Being a business owner means wearing many different hats. Because of this inevitable reality, you need to find ways to automate your workflows so you can have peace of mind.

    Peace of mind leads to more clarity and creativity on your end, which in turn can help you better address customer needs and enhance your overall customer experience.

    As we reviewed, top-performing service agencies rely on specialized software platforms to streamline and scale client delivery. The right tools provide immense leverage to grow faster while controlling chaos.

    Of the diverse options in this roundup, Copilot stands out as the premier all-in-one portal purposely designed for tech-enabled service businesses. Consolidating messaging, billing, contracts, helpdesks, and custom apps provides serious efficiency — one cohesive client view fosters premium experiences.

    If your agency struggles with disjointed systems and limited visibility, you should definitely give Copilot a try! Experience intelligent automation firsthand by starting a free trial today.

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