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Copilot Forms App

The Forms App makes it easy to collect data from clients.


The Forms App makes it easy to collect data from clients.

Internal user experience

Key Workflows

There are two main workflows for internal users:

App view

To see all forms, navigate to the Forms App by clicking on Forms in your sidebar. Here you can see forms and associated information, create new forms, and click into forms to see responses, open requests, and edit forms.

Client Details view

To access a particular client’s form responses, you can click on a client on the Clients page and then navigate to the Forms tab. Here you can see form responses specific to the client.

Creating Forms

When you create a form you can add a title, description, set form visibility, specify if multiple submissions are allowed, and add one more questions. At any time, toggle the Preview button to see how the form will look to clients.

Question types

Answer type


Short answer

Ideal for single answer or short answers.

Long answer

Ideal for paragraph-length answers.

Multi select

Lets the client select one or more options from a list.

Single select

Lets the client one option from a list.

File upload

Lets the client upload one or more files.

Title card

Used to divide the form into sections

Form visibility

All clients can see the form

Clients can only see the form if you send it to them.

This means the form is “always on” and clients can submit the form at any time. This is a common option for ticketing use-cases. A form in this state will notify clients once the form has been created.

A form in this state will not trigger any email or in-product notifications to clients on its own. The form will need to be shared with specific clients manually or via your no-code automation tool, and then the clients will be notified. This is best for single-use forms.

Allow multiple submissions by the same client

When set to True, the same client can submit a form multiple times.

Client experience

Email notifications

Clients automatically receive email notifications when a form is assigned to them. Email notifications will contain a link to the form to be submitted.

Portal notifications

When forms are open, clients will see a numbered notification on their sidebar besides Forms that corresponds to the number of forms that still need to be submitted.

Submitting a form

Clients can submit forms directly from your portal on desktop and mobile.