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Copilot Helpdesk App

Create a knowledge repository for clients


The Helpdesk App lets you create a collection of articles that clients can access. Articles can be categorized with tags and contain rich formatting and embeds.

Internal user experience


The Helpdesk is made up of articles. Articles can contain rich text, images, videos, embeds, and file attachments.

An article can also have one or more tags. Tags are used to automatically generate a table of contents, which clients can use to filter content.

Custom visibility

By default all clients can see all articles. It is also possible to set custom visibility rules so that different clients can see different articles. You can set up custom visibility at the tag level and set up rules where you select specific clients, specific companies, or custom field values.

Client experience

Clients can view the Helpdesk App in much the same way as internal users, with the main difference being that clients cannot edit or create articles. In addition to clients navigating to the Helpdesk on their own, internal users can also copy a link to a specific article and then share it with a client.