Youtube Embed

Connect the Youtube Embed

Overview copy-icon

Copilot makes it simple to embed a YouTube video directly into your portal. Many clients use YouTube YouTube lets you upload videos that you can use to help greet onboarding clients, better explain your services and more.

App Setup copy-icon

  1. Go to App Setup, and click + Add an app in the top right corner.

  2. Click Add under YouTube. Set a title and icon that represents the app.

  3. We recommend setting this up as an automatic app so that all clients can see the embedded video. If you only want this app to be visible to one or more specific clients, set this as a manual app.

  4. Leave the app set to as Show as embed so that the client isn't directed outside of the portal.

  5. Now, find the YouTube video you want to embed, click Share underneath the video, go to Embed, and click Copy.

  6. Go back to the App Setup page and paste the copied link into the content box.

To preview the app as a client, click Portal at the bottom of the sidebar and click Open portal. Once you're logged in as your test client you'll be able to view the connected app.