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Figma is a collaborative design tool for building meaningful products that users can seamlessly design, prototype, develop, and collect feedback in a single place. Copilot makes it it easy to share Figma Designs with your clients directly within your portal. To embed a Figma Design, follow the instructions below.

App setup copy-icon

  1. Go to App Setup, and click + Add an app in the top right corner.

  2. Click Add under Figma. Set a title and icon that represents the app.

  3. We recommend setting this up as a manual app so that you can embed a different design for each client. If you want this app to be visible to all clients, set this as an automatic app.

  4. Next, click Add. You will be taken to to the app's page, where you can set the embed for each client, group, or company.

  5. Click Add to add your first embed or link. Select the client(s) or company to share the app with.

  6. Select Show as embed so that the client isn't directed outside of the portal.

  7. Next, go to the Design you want to share in your Figma account.

  8. To embed a Design, click Share in the top right corner.

  9. On the Invite tab, set the permissions to Anyone with the link can view.

  10. Click Get embed at the bottom of the invite modal and copy the iframe code.

  11. Go back to the app page in Copilot, paste the copied iframe code into the content box, and click Save.

Note: Figma only allows view-only embeds - while you can select the option to allow visitors to edit, the edit functionality is prohibited when used in an iframe in Copilot.