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Miro is a visual workspace for innovation where teams manage and design products, brainstorm, and more. Copilot makes it it easy to share Miro boards with your clients directly within your portal. To embed a Miro Board in your portal, follow the instructions below.

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  1. Go to App Setup, and click + Add an app in the top right corner.

  2. Click Add under Miro. Set a title and icon that represents the app.

  3. We recommend setting this up as a manual app so that you can embed a different board for each client. If you want this app to be visible to all clients, set this as an automatic app.

  4. Next, click Add. You will be taken to to the app's page, where you can set the embed for each client, group, or company.

  5. Click Add to add your first embed or link. Select the client(s) or company to share the app with.

  6. Select Show as embed so that the client isn't directed outside of the portal.

  7. Next, go to the Board you want to share in your Miro account.

  8. To embed a Board, click Share in the top right corner.

  9. On the Invite tab, set the permissions to Anyone with the link.

  10. Then, click the Embed tab and copy the iframe code.

  11. Go back to the app page in Copilot, paste the copied iframe code into the content box, and click Save.

Note: Miro only allows view-only embeds on their free plan. You can enable collaboration on public boards by upgrading your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my app does not embed? copy-icon

Restricted Embeds Some websites or applications have a policy that restricts link or iframe embeds in external applications. If you try to embed an app that has these restrictions, you will see an error after pasting the link or code into the content box.

It is still possible to connect these apps as Partner Apps using the Connect as link setting. Instead of embedding directly into the portal, the connected content will open in a new browser tab. The Partner App will appear as a regular item in the client's sidebar, but the link will open in a new tab when the client clicks on the app.

Unsupported Embeds Some apps that offer external embeds cannot be supported by Copilot because the embed code contains JavaScript or other unsupported HTML tags. This is seen most commonly in widgets or other interactive embeds.