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April 1, 2024

We're excited to announce the Copilot App Store (including 4 new apps), a new developer platform, and an Experts Marketplace where you find agencies to build your own custom features. For everything that's new, we recommend reading our full blog post here.

Client Home

With Client Home you can design a dynamic home page that clients see in your portal. You can use it to share announcements, introduce your firm, set expectations about what it’s like to work with you, and more. You can use properties and custom fields from the Copilot CRM to greet clients by name, surface client-specific information, and more. If you enable the tasks widget, the client home will also surface unread client notifications with links to the relevant pages.

Profile manager

With Profile Manager, you can selectively show custom fields to clients and make them client-viewable or client-editable. That means clients can self-serve update their address, phone number, and any other custom fields you set as client-editable. Internal users also see a feed of client-initiated updates, so you know exactly when custom field updates happen and by whom. We hope that this app lets you reimagine how you think about client data collection. For example, instead of sending the same long form to clients every year, you can instead prompt clients to self-serve update only the information that has actually changed.


You want to be highly responsive to your clients, but you can’t be available at all hours. Autoresponder lets you set up auto-responses to clients outside of business hours or when you’re on vacation.


It should be easy to get data into Copilot, but we also want it to be as easy as possible to get data out for backup, legal reasons, and even if you decide to migrate away from us. Exporter lets you export full message histories in CSV or PDF format. In follow-up improvements, we’ll incrementally add other data to export.

Resources for developers

We have a new developer home. In it you can find guides to build Custom Apps (for private use), submit Marketplace Apps (which are listed in our App Store), updated API reference docs, a developer changelog, and a developer-centric forum.

Copilot Experts to help you build Custom Apps

Almost every business on Copilot that grows beyond a certain point eventually wants to build custom experiences — this could be an internal analytics tool, a bespoke Salesforce integration, a multi-step automation, or a fully-fledged app.

Now you can work with qualified Copilot Experts to turn your custom software ideas into reality. To get started, just head on over to the Experts Directory and either contact an agency that fits your requirements directly or select the “Get matched” option.


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