New updates and improvements to Copilot.

June 19, 2020

Improvements and fixes

  • Updated the base font to Inter UI.
  • Updated the client sign up flow so that company name is optional. When no company name is entered, we automatically create a company called "firstName lastName's Company"
  • Added search capabilities to all pages in the product and improved search performance.
  • Updated our table styles so that any table action (add, delete, sort) that change what rows are shown use transition animations.
  • Added a logo API that automatically assigns company logos to users if a suitable match is found based on the user's email.
June 12, 2020

New sidebar

We've redesigned the Sidebar so that information is more accessible for internal users and client users. The My Portal section in the bottom is new and will let you connect an existing marketing page (if you have one) or setup a new one from scratch. The eye button lets you look at your marketing page in a new tab so that you can see what visitors see.

June 5, 2020

A new brand & website

We have a new color palette, new logo, and an updated marketing page. T website is still pretty barebones right now, but be on the lookout for more updates in the next few weeks.


Client user statuses

On the Portal CRM, you can now see statuses for your clients. The statuses include:

  • Active: Client User is setup and has logged in at least once
  • Invited: Client User has received an invite but hasn't logged in
  • Pending Verification: Client User has started to create an account but hasn't completed email verification
  • Not Invited: Client User has not received an invite yet

Improvements and fixes

  • You can now search on CRM/Users and CRM/Companies tables.
  • Success and error toast messages have been updated to be more helpful across the product.
  • You can now invite client users directly from the CRM/Users table by clicking on the invite icon.
  • Redesigned email notifications.
  • Redesigned all page layouts to work better on large screens.
May 29, 2020

Improvements and fixes

  • Updated the client user invite flow so that accounts can be activated by clicking on a link vs. having to enter a code manually.
  • All new users now have an icon that consists of the first letter of their first and last name. The icon is replaced when the user uploads a profile picture.
  • Various layout improvements to improve the look of your Portal on larger screens.
  • Improved tables so that they look better and load faster.
  • Desktop-only pages now show a modal that informs you of this. Mobile support is in the works.
May 22, 2020

Hello World

When Covid started to affect the communities around us and decimated our existing startup, we knew we had to adapt. We were inspired to work on something that helps companies embrace going virtual because for many that will be the only way to survive and for most it will be the only way to thrive. Because services like Shopify already exist to help physical product companies transition to e-commerce, we are specifically focused on professional service companies (creative agencies, consulting firms, law firms, etc.) which we understand well and for which no great all-in-one solution exists.

We're going to stay quiet for the next few months and focus on (1) building product and (2) onboarding early access users. Nonetheless, we thought it would be great to keep track of weekly progress, which is why we started this blog.

Shoot us a message if you are interested in what we're working on or want to be an early access user. You can reach us at hello[@]joinportal.com 🙂


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